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The following blog articles provide all sorts of helpful tips and information relating to tax, accounting, legislation, small business, and the latest news in the accounting world. If your questions aren’t answered in the articles, contact our team of accountants for small business for more information.

Your Society’s Balance Dates And AGM Dates

Why you should check your Society’s balance dates and AGM dates All societies are required to hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) and their committee
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Set Up a Payment Plan to tackle GST Debt

Set Up a Payment Plan to tackle GST Debt Paying tax in one lump sum isn’t always easy. Instead you can set up an instalment
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Home Office Expenses

Square Metre rate for Home Office Calculations 2023 The square metre rate for home office calculations has been set at $51.05 for the 2023 income
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Tenancy Services: Who is responsible for what, around your rental?

Landlords and tenants are both responsible for keeping the property in good condition. Fair wear and tearA tenant is not responsible for normal wear and
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