Insolvency Services

We have been involved in a large number of insolvency assignments with referrals most commonly coming from Solicitors and Accountants throughout Northland.
In addition to business closure / restructure we have a focus on Turnaround and Rescue where the business can often be managed to a sound proposition after systems and management are re-engineered for current operating conditions.
We have acted as Forensic Accountants, Litigation Support and Trustee Administration for various businesses where transaction analysis and tracing is required.
Our firm is the only firm operating within Northland which has a dedicated team of client advisors providing Insolvency support and advice to the Northland community.
Our skills within this area have been recognised by the Government with peer referral arrangements in place with three Crown Agencies.
Our philosophy with any Business Rescue or Insolvency Management assignment is to preserve value for the benefit of the stakeholders; our charges for this type of assignment are Northland standard rates and as such are considerably cheaper than those of our competitors, most of whom operate out of either Auckland or Wellington.  An additional benefit to our clients in this area is the benefit of the direct involvement of Partner/Associate with the skills and experience associated with this, rather than a manager or supervisor as used by our competitors.