Business Services

We have a growing Business Services division where we take an active role in helping our clients achieve their business goals.

Four of our principal advisors have owned small businesses themselves totally outside of the accounting profession and we know the compliance requirements which many smaller business entities face.
Smaller business entities are the lifeblood of doing business in Northland and our team talk the language of the small business owner.  We do not confuse you with jargon.
Increasingly many of our clients have businesses which have an export or import focus and two of our advisors are very experienced in international trade.

The benefits which our business services client gain is:

Experience, knowledge and skills of our client advisory team with job management carried out by a Chartered Accountant.
A development and training programme where clients are encouraged to develop their in house accounting system, which is supported and overseen by our team.
Clear independence guidelines which ensure that client business’ develops with a horizon strategy such as wealth creation, eventual sale / exit or succession.
An annual workshop designed to facilitate client interaction and training.
An unashamed focus on the development of smaller Northland businesses to further Northland economic development.