Assurance Services

We act for approximately 140 audit clients ranging from commercial enterprises to small clubs, societies and schools. This volume of work allows us to employ two staff who work almost exclusively on audits.
As an independent audit firm we provide audit services to a number of other Northland Accounting Firms, the other firms appreciate and recognise our skills within this field.
We pride ourselves in meeting all audit deadlines and in every instance agree to a fee prior to the audit’s commencement.
Steve and Tim were both previously employed by large international audit firms and both were involved in large and small assignments throughout New Zealand and the Pacific.
We are the preferred audit providers in Northland for two Government departments and a number of fellow chartered accountancy firms.
We provide audit services on behalf of the Auditor General’s office for 55 schools and several other Government entities.
Our Audit and Assurance philosophy is that our jobs are on time, on budget and we reasonably priced so that our client can be reasonably certain over audit outcomes.