6 Pitfalls when selling your business

There are some common pitfalls when selling your business.

Here are 6 to look out for:
  1. Not allowing yourself enough time to find a buyer: Be patient, analyse the feedback and be realistic.
  2. Not controlling the flow of information to a buyer: Remember, confidentiality is vital in maintaining the stability of your employees, customers and suppliers as well as your reputation within your industry. The information should be released in a controlled manner, ensuring the buyer's interest is maintained without giving away sensitive information that may harm the business.
  3. Failing to be prepared: You need


FINANCIAL INFIDELITY IN MARRIAGE; HAVE YOU EXPERIENCED IT? Financial infidelity in marriage is the biggest danger to your marriage.   Contrary to popular belief, a spouse with a roving eye is not the biggest danger; it is financial infidelity. You may be surprised to learn that financial infidelity in marriage is more common than you think. According to a 2014 survey by the National Endowment for Financial Education:
  • 33% of people with combined finances have lied to their partner about money.
  • 30% concealed a purchase, bank account, statement, bill or cash