GST filing from software – tried, tested and ready to use

We’re making things better for business by allowing customers to file GST returns directly from software. We’ve been piloting the new service with a group of Xero and MYOB customers, saving them time and effort.

Customer feedback shows the new service is easy to use, convenient and provides more accurate data which is pre-populated from their sale and purchase figures.Throughout April and May, Xero and MYOB will offer this service to all their customers who file GST returns. Other software providers can also offer this service to their clients when they’ve met our criteria.

GST return types

This service can be used to file:

  • GST only returns, or
  • combined GST and provisional tax return. If you use the ratio option to calculate your provisional tax you’ll need to continue filing your GST return in myIR.

Access to use software

If you use a tax agent and want them to file through software on your behalf you’ll need to provide them with access to your software. Contact your software provider about how to do this. You’ll also need to give your tax agent delegated access in your myIR account to file your GST return.

You can watch our Learn how to register for myIR and file GST online video. This video explains how to delegate.

It’s about making tax simpler for you so tax compliance is part of your daily administration processes.

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