Our Services

  • Income Tax
    Tax compliance needn’t be difficult; it’s important that it’s done correctly and that the many changes that occur each year are allowed for.
  • GST
    Our experienced staff can walk your though the process or alternatively we can help you complete the GST returns in house.
  • Assurance Services
    We act for approximately 140 audit clients ranging from commercial enterprises to small clubs, societies and schools.
  • Business Management, Support
    and Advice

    Four of our principal advisors have owned small businesses and we have a growing Business Services division where we take an active role in helping our clients achieve their business goals.
  • Business Rescue & Turnaround Management
    Our firm is the only firm operating within Northland which has a dedicated team of client advisors providing Insolvency support and advice to the Northland community.
  • Maori Business
    Our firm provides support and advice to a number of Iwi and Hapu organisations within Northland encompassing both Commercial and Social structures.
  • Coaching and Mentor Service
    We help you set realistic goals and focus your attention on developing a sustainable business suitable to your end objectives.
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