Upcoming Annual Return due date

Charities with a balance date of 31 March must submit their complete Annual Return to Charities Services by 30 September 2017.       A complete Annual Return involves 3 steps:  
  1. Preparing a Performance Report for your charity's tier.
  2. Filling in the Annual Return form (it's easiest to do it online) and attaching/uploading your Performance Report to the Annual Return form; and
  3. Paying the Annual Return fee (if applicable).
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GST on on-line digital products

Points to note include:pjimage (2)
  • Off shore sellers of “remote services” will have to register for GST and pay the New Zealand Government if they sell more than $60,000 worth of services, including professional services, in New Zealand to non GST registered customers.
  • There will be no need to register for GST if sales are being made to GST registered businesses because the businesses could claim the GST back.
  • Many off shore businesses have said they will comply if the system is easy.
  • Australia is looking

protect your email from invoice scams

scam alertThe scam works after you’ve emailed a client their invoice with bank account details for payment. Attackers compromise your email account and find recently sent invoices in your mailbox, copy them and update the payment bank account number to that of a “money mule”. They then send another email with the same layout indicating an updated invoice is attached. A “money mule” is someone with a New Zealand bank account who can withdraw the funds very soon after the payment is made and send them offshore